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Top 6 Reasons why YOU Should be Drinking More Water

In this short blog post, I have partnered with Sarah McEwan, the owner of Wild Rose Health & Wellness to share with us the Top 6 Reasons why YOU should be drinking more water.

We’ve all probably heard or even told ourselves that “I need to drink more water”. We know water is good for us, but have you ever thought about the actual benefits of drinking water and more importantly, being hydrated?

Feel free to watch my interview with Sarah on this topic below, or scroll down to continue reading.

Water is an essential component of every single every cell in our bodies. The human body (your body) will not function properly if it is not sufficiently hydrated. Often, we attribute how many times we are running to the bathroom as being hydrated, but if you are drinking lots of pop, coffee, alcohol, or juice, you are de-hydrating your body as many of these drinks have caffeine and sugar. Water and herbal teas are the two liquids that properly hydrate the human body.

Below are the 6 reasons why YOU should be drinking more water:

1. Brain function! Probably the most important reason out of them all! A de-hydrated brain affects our mood, concentration, alertness and motor skills. Water is needed to make the connections in our brain, whereas dehydration will slow the speed of information. If you are feeling sluggish or just a bit-off, try to drink some water!

2. Digestion. Water and fibre are the 2 essential components needed to move water through our digestive tract. By drinking water, it also helps to properly pull all of the nutrients from the food we are eating. So the next time you are eating lunch or dinner, grab a nice cold tall glass of water and enjoy!

3. Regulation of Body Temperature. Do you find your toes and fingers get cold easily? You might not be drinking enough water! Water helps to increases circulation and blood flow throughout the body and ensuring you have enough water will make sure the blood gets to your fingers and toes. If you are cold, a hot cup of herbal tea is a great way to warm you up while ensuring you increase your water intake.

4. Reducing blood pressure. By drinking more water you are diluting the blood allowing it to flow more freely through the veins. If you don’t have enough water in your system, your blood actually thickens which can lead to high blood pressure. If you are a person in risk of having high blood pressure, a really simple way to help keep it in safe levels is to drink water and stay hydrated.

5. Sweating and detoxification. If our body doesn't have enough water it will shut down its detoxification process and toxins will build up. The two ways that a person detoxifies is through digestion and the skin. But if we are de-hydrated, then we won’t sweat and the toxins will stay under the surface.

If we have a build up of toxins in the body it will start to come through our skin as our body tries to rid itself of any harmful substances. This is usually in the form of acne and psoriasis which are both linked to not being able to detoxify properly. In addition, if you find that you are getting sick quite often, you might be de-hydrated. Drinking lots of water combined with moving and sweating (woking out is important here too) helps to keep the lymphatic system moving which will help flush the toxins and bacteria out of our body more consistently.

6. Reduces joint pain. Water helps lubricate the joints keeping them mobile. Staying hydrated helps to reduce joint irritation, inflammation, and pain. If you feel like you are experiencing joint pain, try adding more water into your diet.

Water Requirements

I often get asked “How much water should I be drinking” and here is the info straight from the expert!

Women should have 2 - 3 litres of water a day while Men should have than 3 - 4 litres. If you are doing vigorous activity, then increase your water intake by about 1 litre to re-hydrate your body after a good sweat session.

REMINDER: All beverages aside from water and herbal teas count against your water consumption. This includes coffee, black tea, milk, pop, juice, alcohol as they contain sugar (and some caffeine) which is de-hydrating to the body.

Easy Challenge: For one day, try writing down how much water you are drinking. I suggest using a water bottle, like Lamose or Nalgene, to help you track. For example, a Lamose water bottle is 650 ml, so every time you finish a bottle of water, you know exactly how much you have had. Aim to drink 2 - 3 litres (4 - 5 Lamose water bottles) a day. By doing this simple exercise, you will have a better idea of how much water you are actually drinking in a day.

SAVE: I am a Lamose Ambassador and have been able to provide my readers with a 10% discount on any Lamose Water Bottle orders. Visit lamose.ca and use the discount code FBB10 at check-out. Lamose is a local company started from Edmonton (I love to support local) owned by my friend. They are on a mission to help reduce the amount of plastic water bottles in the ocean and I 100% support this mission too. Also, their products are so nice! You won’t be disappointed.

Sarah is a holistic nutrition consultant with a certification from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. If you are looking for some nutrition advice, contact Sarah at wildrosehealthandwellness@gmail.com

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