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Fit By Britt Online Feature Member - Kris

I am so honoured and excited to share an incredible Fit By Britt Online Member's wellness journey. I had the chance to interview Kris in November of 2020, and I can't wait to share her story with you. I hope that Kris's story may inspire you to keep moving, no matter your age.

1. Tell us about yourself!

My name is Kris. I am a retired 60-year-old grandma with 7 grandkids! In 2013, I had back surgery where they fused 2 discs together! That was the end of my job that I enjoyed.… painting the interior of houses for over 15 years.

It was the end of that chapter but a start of a new one…all the grandkids started arriving! I’m so fortunate I have lots of time to play with them as 5 of them live down the road from us.

2. Share with us your wellness journey:

My journey started in 2000 I weighed 210lbs …it was a low time in my life when I lost my MOM and realized I was depressed. I didn’t’ realize it at the time until my sister-in-law pointed it out to me! I eventually got on some meds and started to feel better…the next step I took was to focus on getting rid of this weight put on!

I was always active my life but it crept on my body over a couple of years. I walked into Herbal Magic and signed up…it wasn’t the easiest thing to do but I knew I had to do it! It took me about 6 months to lose 65 pounds! I felt so amazing …I was my old self again!

I took every fitness class I could find to stay active. But in the last 5 years, 15 pounds have crept on again. I wasn’t sure if it was part of menopause or what but I knew I didn’t want it to get out of control again. It didn’t matter how much I exercised it didn’t budge! So I knew I had to make some new changes.

3. What changes did you make to help you achieve your goals (fitness, nutrition, other)?

I started by changing my eating habits. I’ve tried different plans in the past and managed to get 5 lbs off but that was it.

I use to be that person that ate healthy during the week and on the weekend I would binge on jujubes and black licorice etc. I would gain 5 pounds by Monday morning and then work it off during the week. I did that for a long time…I was messing up my metabolism.

A friend told me about this certain food plan and I signed up and the rest is history as they say! I love it because there are recipes and the days are laid out for you. It tells you what you are having for the day and the whole week. She changes up the macro every week so your body keeps guessing.

By combining my eating plan and doing a variety of workouts, including the Fit By Britt online classes, I’ve lost 16lbs in 3-months! I’m at the same weight and size that I was 15 years ago.

Look at Kris's AMAZING transformation below. 👇

4. Do you have any new fitness/wellness goals?

I’m not sure what my goal weight will be but would like to keep going until I can see how I feel…I want to look strong with muscle.

It might seem far-fetched but I always like to watch women looking fit and strong on stage! So that would be on my bucket list to be fit like them but not to go on stage and parade around in little bikinis! With this eating plan, the dietician can change my food plan around to cater to my goals. So my journey isn’t done yet!

I recently bought a chin-up bar…that has been on my bucket list also. My goal is to do a chin-up without any effort. So I have my work cut out for me!

5. What does your workout routine look like?

My workout routine Includes doing FIT BY BRITT Online classes at least 3 workouts during the week. I also catch a Bootcamp class some evenings, and 2 days a week I do Crossfit, one morning I go do a yoga class (these are currently closed and I hope to start attending them again soon).

Also in my spare time, I like to hit the highway with my bike or my Kangoo boots. Now we will be getting our skies back on to hit the slopes since we can’t travel. But this time we will be skiing with the grandkids and that will be exciting!

6. Have the Fit By Britt Online classes contributed to your success? What is your favourite thing about the Fit By Britt Online Fitness Classes?

I look forward to catching a live Fit By Britt workout….Brittany is so motivating and encouraging and I miss seeing her in person as well as the rest of the ladies. I love that there are options or different levels on certain exercises. Even I need to change how I lunge or I can’t jump so I have made it so it fits the needs of my body. I always am encouraging my friends or acquaintance to join her group for that reason because it can suit anyone.

The bonus I can stay home and do the workouts any time of the day! They have been lifesavers during COVID. I truly enjoy them so much!

7. How did you keep yourself motivated? It’s not hard to keep motivated…it’s just a normal day for me! I don’t know where I got it from but I guess I’m fortunate that it happens to me!

My friends and family have told me how inspiring I am to them but I don’t see it that way. I do what I LOVE to do! Every day I look for ways to move…if it’s not doing one of FIT BY BRITT class or going for a bike ride or a run with my grand dog….I’m busy with yard work on our acreage!

8. What advice would you give someone who needs motivation and encouragement to get healthier?

My advice to someone that is just starting to think about changing their lifestyle will be the hardest…but acknowledging that they need help from someone is a good first step!

Signing up for a fitness/exercise class might seem intimidating, but you can’t think that way! Everyone is there for the same reason as you - to workout and sweat. Nobody is going to be watching you, we all are focused on doing our own thing and don’t have time to watch you.

Also don’t compare yourself to other people, everyone is at different levels. We all have been there….at the beginning. Also, I would suggest drinking 3-4 litres of water a day. I know it sounds like lots but it is so good for your whole body.

Another piece of advice would be is to surround yourself with motivating, positive people and a partner that you could count on to help. Once you start feeling good about yourself, your journey will be easier. Your family and friends will notice that you are also glowing on the outside as well. Just take that first STEP! You are not alone…we all need someone too!

9. What's the most surprising thing you've learned about yourself during this journey?

What I learned over the years is that I’m important and I need to look after myself because you never know what life will throw your way! Also, I know that I can do anything that I set my mind on and that I AM STRONGER THAN I THINK!

Thank you SO MUCH, Kris, for taking the time to share your beautiful story and journey.

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