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5 Tips to Help you Drink More Water

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

SAVE: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

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As a wellness professional, I can’t stress enough the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated. However, even though I stress it to my students, I find myself not drinking as much water as I should be in a day too.

Drinking enough water, something that is so simple and good for the body can actually be very hard to accomplish. Especially if you don’t like the taste of plain water. I might be one of the weird ones here because I absolutely LOVE the taste of water. Sometimes I'll even add a little squeeze of fresh lemon, and damn, you have a refreshing drink. But I understand that it isn’t like that for all of us.

Just remember that drinking enough water in a day and staying hydrated is all a part of building good healthy habits. This will take some time, but if you make an intentional and conscious effort, soon you’ll be drinking litres of water without even thinking about it. And hopefully these tips will help too!

I have partnered with Sarah McEwan, a Holistic Nutritional Consultant to share with you

5 Tips to Help you Drink More Water. Feel free to watch my interview with Sarah on this topic or scroll down to continue reading.

Sarah also shared with me the 6 Reasons why you Should Be Drinking More Water. You can read that post here - some of the health benefits might surprise you!

5 Tips to Help You Drink More Water

Tip #1: Carry a water bottle with you all day!

You are far more likely to drink water if it is in your hand or sitting on your desk at work. Make sure to keep it in eyes view too instead of hiding it in your bag. When you see your water bottle, you are more likely to take a sip from it more often! You will also be less likely to buy pop or juice if you already have water with you, especially when the cravings hit. It is also a helpful way to track how much water you drink in a day. Find out the the size of your bottle (usually located on the bottom of the bottle) and track how many times you re-fill it throughout the day. Lamose water bottles are a great option, or if you are looking for something a bit bigger, I am a big fan of the Nalgene water bottles too.

I brought my Lamose Water Bottle on the famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing hike in New Zealand. It kept my water nice and cold for the entire 18km hike.

Tip #2: Have a big glass of water first thing in the morning.

This is something that you should do as soon as you wake up before your first cup of coffee or black tea. Imagine not drinking any water, tea, or any liquid for 8-hours. That is just what you did as you were sleeping, so drinking water as soon as you wake up will help to hydrate your body right away as well as fire up your metabolism, flush out toxins, and fuel your brain. You can also add lemon to your water in the morning for some extra benefits like improved digestion and liver detoxification.

Tip #3: Add an afternoon herbal tea to your routine.

Adding a cup of herbal tea (or two) into your afternoon routine is a nice change up from regular plain water all while adding to your daily water intake. If you have a hard time drinking plain water due to its taste, you can try drinking cold tea throughout the day for some natural flavouring. There are so many types of herbal teas, so try a few to find what flavour your enjoy best!

As a bonus, herbal teas are filled with a variety of antioxidants and vitamins which help to fight disease and infections, protect the body against oxidative stress, and lower the risk of chronic disease. If you are feeling chilly, a hot cup of tea can help warm up the body when you are feeling a bit cold (a great for winter time or cool rainy days).

Tip #4: Drink a full water bottle while you are working out or directly after.

This one is for all of my students! Typically, you are working very hard in class and sweating a lot, which means you are de-hydrating yourself and helping to rid your body of toxins. Once class is over, it is time to re-hydrate! Aim to drink a full water bottle on your way home to help replenish your body with all that good H20.

Tip #5: Track and reflect at the end of the day.

While helping clients, Sarah has found that most people she talks to think they are getting enough water. She always asks them to track their intake, and after doing this exercise, soon they realize that they are not drinking nearly enough. It might seem like you are drinking a lot and running to the bathroom, but often it’s coffee, milk, pop, etc which doesn’t count towards hydrating our bodies.

Give this exercise a try for one day. Grab a water bottle and write down it’s size. Throughout the day track each time you have finished drinking that entire bottle (you can write on a piece of paper, in the “notes” app on your phone, etc.). Remember that only water and herbal teas count towards your daily water intake and that coffee, green/black tea or caffeinated drinks subtract from your daily intake. Before you go to bed, see how much water you drank today. Did you have enough?

Water Requirements

I often get asked “How much water should I be drinking” and here is the info straight from the expert! Women should have 2 litres to 3 litres of water or herbal teas a day while Men should have than 3 litres to 4 litres. If you are doing vigorous activity, then increase your water intake by about 1 litre to re-hydrate your body after a good sweat session.

SAVE: I am a Lamose Ambassador and have been able to provide my readers with a 10% discount on any Lamose Water Bottle, tumbler, or coffee cup orders. Visit lamose.ca and use the discount code FBB10 at check-out. Lamose is a local company started from Edmonton (support local) owned by my friend. They are on a mission to help reduce the amount of plastic water bottles in the ocean and I 100% support this mission too. Also, their products are so nice! You won’t be disappointed.

Sarah is a holistic nutrition consultant with a certification from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. If you are looking for some nutrition advice, contact Sarah at wildrosehealthandwellness@gmail.com.

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