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5 Must-Have Items for a Home Gym

As the weather begins to cool and the snow starts to fall, it is time to move our workouts indoors.

You don't need to buy an expensive gym membership to get motivated to exercise. These few pieces of equipment, which are cost effective and WAY more affordable than a monthly gym membership, can help you create your own personalized gym at home.

Today, I wanted to share my 5 Must-Have Items for a Home Gym - a variety of fitness equipment that help to keep me motivated to workout at home without blowing my budget.

1. Resistance Loop Bands

I use resistance loop bands at home all of the time! This piece of equipment is not only super affordable (Less than $20 CAN for 5 bands of different resistance) but so versatile and easy to travel with.

These bands can be used for upper body and lower body exercises as well as for cardio and core moves. I highly suggest purchasing all five of these bands on Amazon because each band is a different level of resistance which is needed to work each muscle groups.

The only piece of equipment that I brought while traveling abroad for 6-months was one of these bands because they are light and easy to pack. For a free total body band workout, check-out the video below which I filmed in New Zealand!

2. Neoprene Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a staple piece of equipment in my home gym. These Neoprene Dumbbells are fantastic because the rubber on the handle is a bit soft, making it easier to grip and hold. They also have a little give in case I accidentally drop them on the floor (whoops!).

I suggest having the following weights at home:

  • One set of 5lb dumbbells (great for lateral/frontal raises, ab exercises, or when working smaller muscle groups).

  • One set of 10lb Dumbbells (For overhead presses, Rows, or progression moves)

  • One set of 15lb Dumbbells (For Walking Lunges, Step Ups, Weighted Squats).

Those sets of weights will help cover majority of your exercises. As you start to become stronger, you can slowly add more weights to your home gym collection.

You can find the exact Neoprene Dumbbells that I use on Amazon here.

For a FREE Total Body Workout with dumbbells, check out the video below:

3. Workout Step + Risers

Steps are a wonderful piece of equipment to have at home. They can be used for cardio exercises (Step Burpees), Leg exercises (Weighted Step Ups), Upper Body Exercises (Push-ups), Core (Plank Toe Taps with the Step) and so much more!

I suggest purchasing a step with at least 4 risers (you can buy additional risers if you like). These are the exact steps that I use at home and in my fitness classes which I purchased online on Amazon.

4. Enamel Kettlebell

Want to take your training to the next level? Use a Kettlebell!

There are just some exercises where a kettlebell is a bit more effective. I have a few different weighted kettlebells at home which are heavier than my dumbbells. I like to use this piece of equipment primarily for strength building with moves like weighted sumo squats, farmer carries, kettlebell swings, and more!

Depending on your fitness level, I suggest purchasing two types of Kettlebells - a heavier (30 - 45 lb) for weighted squats and slightly lighter one (20 lbs) for exercises like a Kettlebell Swing.

I love my enamel kettlebells from Amazon.

5. Sliders (or Small Towels)

You don't even need to lift a toe off the ground to feel your muscles burning when you incorporate a slider or towel. This piece of equipment is not only affordable (especially if you just use small towels), but they are also light-weight and easy to travel with.

If you don't have hardwood flooring to workout on, I suggest purchasing these sliders from Amazon as they have a slippery side which can be used on carpet and a soft side for tile flooring. This piece of equipment is also WONDERFUL if you want to make low-impact exercises a bit more challenging or if you really want to target a certain muscle group.

Give my Booty Burn and Toned Legs Workout a try where all I use is a towel!

As you can see, you don't need any crazy pieces of equipment to make an effective home gym.

To see more of my favourite fitness products, visit: https://www.fitbybritt.com/shop

Which piece of equipment is your favourite to use at home?

If you see something you like and purchase it using the links below, I receive a very small commission (on some products). Your support allows me to share free fitness content on my site and is so greatly appreciated. I also only recommend products that I use and believe in.

Thanks for your support!

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