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2019 Reflection on Goals

Did you set goals or resolutions for yourself in 2019?

Do you even remember what those goals were?

NOTE: Scroll to the bottom of this blog post for a FREE Goal Setting worksheet. It is never too late to start setting goals this year.

As the New Year rolled around, my "younger self" (like when I was 21) would set some general goals about "working out more consistently" and "drinking more water" - but that was about as specific as my goals got. I never even really wrote them down, just mostly said those goals in my head, rang in the New Year, and carried on with life, completely forgetting what those goals actually were.

Which meant I never really accomplished them. However, 2019 (yes, last New Year) was the first year I actually sat down and reflected on how 2018, the previous year was and used that information to set my goals for 2019.

I broke my reflection and goal setting into 4 major areas in my life: Health, Love, Work, and Fun. I then took the time to actually WRITE these goals down. By doing this, I was able to set intentions for what I wanted to achieve in 2019.

This year, I did the same thing, looking back at 2019 to help me create my goals for 2020.

By taking the time to actually reflect on the past year, I was able to see which goals I didn't achieve and think about why I wasn't able to reach those goals. I also used this information to help me set the new goals I wanted to work towards in 2020.

Because sharing is caring, and I think it's important to reflect on the past and set intentions for the future, I wanted to share a few of the goals I did accomplish and did not accomplish in 2019 below.

1. Health

2019 Health Goals I did Accomplish:

  • To eat 3 - 4 plant-based meals/week while traveling: Yup, Bryce and I basically became vegetarian on our trip. This was actually a lot easier for us to achieve than I thought because Bryce and I didn't have a cooler to keep "meat" cool in, so canned beans became a staple for us pretty quickly. I also think that eating more veggies and fruit helped Bryce and I avoid catching any colds/flu on our trip.

  • Writing 3 things I am grateful for every morning and night: I half achieved this. I wrote in my journal almost every day, writing down every detail from our trip. However, once we returned home, I stopped journaling, which is something I am going to start doing again in 2020.

2019 Health Goals I did not Accomplish:

  • Run a 5 or 10 km Trail Run Race while we are traveling: NOPE! Did not do this one, however, we did a few 5km runs on our own in some pretty cool places. It just wasn't an organized race.

  • Complete 5 Strict Pull-Ups: Also a NOPE! I soon realized while traveling that this goal would not happen. A gym is definitely needed to help build some upper body strength HOWEVER I could have worked on this goal when I got home from my trip.


This category is pretty personal, so I will just share a snippet of what I did accomplish.

2019 Love Goals I did Accomplish:

  • To laugh more with Bryce this year: Guys, I basically had a smile on my face every day in 2019! I was so freaken happy exploring the world with my best friend. Even on the most exhausting days, I still smiled and laughed. It was a good year!

  • To be more open about our future goals, dreams and aspirations: Bryce and I definitely had moments where we sat down and wrote in my book some ideas we had about our future. Right now those ideas are dreams, but they opened up a whole new creative side in Bryce which made me really excited to see.


2019 Work Goals I did Accomplish:

  • Launch Fit By Britt website: YUP! I actually accomplished this at the very end of 2018. However, I wasn't as consistent at writing blog posts as I thought I would be in 2019.

  • Be featured in a magazine: Eeek, I accomplished this! I wrote a Time-Saving HIIT Workout article for YEG Fitness Magazine which was featured on their website as well as in their Jan/Feb 2020 magazine.

2019 Work Goals I did not Accomplish:

  • Selling a fitness e-book: Ahh, I had been working on one...but not sure how happy I was feeling about it. Definitely a goal for 2020 though.

  • Be featured on a Podcast: Ahh, this also almost happened, however, the podcaster wanted to interview Bryce and I as a couple based on our travels, but Bryce was too nervous and I didn't want to do it without him. That's okay, this will be on the list for 2020 as well!

4. FUN

2019 Fun Goals I did Accomplish:

  • Hike at least one trail in each country I visit: YUP! Bryce and I got to go on some pretty epic trails in different countries around the world. Some trails we didn't fully finish (got caught in a bad rainstorm in Malaysia), but I think it still counts that we started them.

  • Read More Books: Okay, this goal was SUPER generalized, but I did read a lot more books in 2019. I even shared a blog post about my Top 5 Books I Read while Traveling. (P.S I think I read 8 books in 2019 in total).

2019 Work Goals I did not Accomplish:

  • Learn how to properly use my Sony A6000: NOPE! I thought I would have time to learn and practice taking photos while traveling, but I didn't make this a priority.

  • Share Vlogs from our Round-the-World Trip: I quickly realized that I don't really like talking to the camera and felt like constantly filming was taking away from actually enjoying the experience. I did film a few things and even made a short video of our experience Sandboarding in New Zealand.

I know we are a few weeks into 2020, but it is never too late to set goals!

To start creating the life you want, here is my free Goal Setting PDF. I encourage you to set aside 20 - 30 minutes to complete this PDF and then place it on a bulletin board so you can be reminded of your goals every day.

Click the photo below to also download the Goal Setting PDF.

I'd love to know, do you set goals?

If so, what goals did you accomplish (or not accomplish) in 2019?

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